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UN are hypocrites,loyal to lslam,i don’t need their approval to do the right thing-Trump 


President Trump in an interview by an American leading media made some speech regarding his declaration of Jerusalem as Israel capital.

He said:

My coming into power brought an end to the unofficial defeat of ISIL, the total annihilation of Islamic extremists in Syria which warranted the withdrawal of Russia troops by Putin. This were done just within a year after I was sworn in. 

The UN was there witnessing the massacre of the Christians across the globe and did nothing, terrorism was on the rise and they(UN) did nothing. 

But barely four days of my declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the UN summoned a security summit within the shortest notice. 

I have said it before and am saying it again that UN’s gathering is like a gathering of market women’ which after they’re done deliberating and decisions are made; it ends right there in Geneva.

The UN seat is filled with Muslims and people who are loyal to the Arabs, they are all hypocrites and cannot be trusted,jerusalem declaration was ling over due and they know it but they kept quiet.i do not need anybody’s permission to do what is right, Trump said 


I have already told fellow biafrans and still maintain my stands that if any one keeps hoping that UN will come to our aid in times of crisis or help us conduct a good referendum against Nigeria’s interest then any of such individual is joking. As it stands now UN is a property of OIC(organisation of Islamic countries) which Nigeria has membership to. The position of the UN in the embattled Jerusalem saga it’s a clear evidence while massacre of Christians especially in the Middle East is another.

 I saw some posts where some persons said that our only voice in Turkey was dashed due to IPOB directorate’s solidarity with Israel. Let me also remind you that the said Turkish diplomat Abdulkadir will not tell us that he never knew about Nnamdi kanu beliefs and his Judaist way of life before he came down to support the Biafran course. Abdulkadir came to support us for his and Turkey’s interest. Therefore, no one should dictate to Biafrans whom to support and whom not to. EU today have compromised their stands just for political gains, same political gains is what has brought terrorism into Europe. “So keeping silence in the face of evil is itself evil”.

So fellow Biafrans, this fight is ours and we must stop this over dependence on people for our freedom(we’ve to fight our way out by ourselves),that doesn’t mean we don’t need foreign allies, of course we do but not this way.


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