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Checkout Cristiano Ronaldo Unique Reaction After He Suffered Horrific Head Injury

CRISTIANO RONALDO suffered a horrific head injury as he scored Real Madrid’s sixth goal.

He left the game straight after with blood pouring from his head after apparently clashing with a defenders foot as he scored from a diving header.

Ronaldo was met with a boot to the face as he dived to head in his second goal of the night

Ronaldo’s head gushed with blood after he scored a diving header

Ronaldo scored his second goal of the night as he bravely dived to head a dangerous cross from Lucas Vazques into the back of the net.

But his valiant effort left him more than just another goal to add to his tally.

He appeared to have suffered a gash under his eye that left his face gushing with blood.

The Portuguese star styled out his injury in the most Ronaldo way ever – by taking the team medic’s phone and checking out the damage to his money-maker.

Ronaldo checked out his bloody face on the team medic’s phone as he left the pitch

The blood appeared to have come from a gash under the star’s left eye

After all, his face does double as a second income after his feet.

The global icon shook his head and grimaced a the shocking sight of his reflection and dabbed tissue on his wound.

Twitter users were less concerned with the stars look and more in awe of his unique reaction.

This is iconic only Cristiano #Ronaldo

#GetwellsoonRonaldo #RealMadridDepor


— PCYForLife (@ZquadCanada) January 21, 2018

The Real Madrid physio in absolute awe at Ronaldo’s selfie game here. pic.twitter.com/vNsUVK0Vht

— SportsJOE (@SportsJOE_UK) January 21, 2018

Only ronaldo would check him self with the selfi mode of his medic phone

#RealMadridDepor #Ronaldo

— Emily (@Lil_Emily96) January 21, 2018

Wait, they brought a phone for Cristiano Ronaldo to check how bad the face cut is?

— Fire & Ice (@fidvictor) January 21, 2018

while still on pitch, Ronaldo just checked-out his cut face on team doctor’s mirror phone app … reckon ‘e gave himself a cheeky wink / kiss combo too #KeepingItReal

— And Lester (@AndLester) January 21, 2018

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