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Things A Typical Nigerian Husband Will Never Do

Things A Typical Nigerian Husband Will Never Do Black_Couple

When choosing who to marry, it’s best you choose someone who is compatible with you and loves you for who you are. Someone who is willing to adapt in the marriage. With a typical Nigerian man, you may not find he is willing to change a lot.

He will have grown up with certain ideas and principles that he is not going to change from. Sometimes this will work great if you both have a similar upbringing. But if you and he and worlds apart but love brought you together, you will find yourself in a tight situation. Love is something that take you over completely but even love cannot change a typical Nigerian husband.

Here are four simple things he will never do for you as his wife:

1. Wait with you in the salon

Women know that hair takes time and the salon takes time. If you don’t have an appointment, it will take even longer. There will be a queue before you and depending on it there is light, your treatment might take long. Not to talk of how freely women talk there. Someone will just open up about their life problems and everyone will become a counsellor and advice her. Your Nigerian husband will not want to listen to all of that or see how they work on your hair. He can drop you but to stay with no, nope.

2. Be sexually adventurous

A typical Nigerian husband ill be comfortable in his own ways. It may be missionary or doggie style and if he loves it, he will expect you to love it too. Sure, before you had kids, certain styles were the best for you but after kids or something, you may want to try new things in bed. He will not agree o. He will tell you how he was a freak in his younger days but because you are the wife, you must suffer with him as he is. And to those who expect head as part of fore-play….hmmm.

3. Entertain you in any way when Football is on

Football is life for some men. From Arsenal to Chelsea and our Nigerian teams: they follow them all each day. At least once a week, there is a match they must not miss. Heaven forbid you need attention during those hours, your husband will show you 22 men can take your place. He will not answer you or have time for you so just focus on yourself and spend

4. Wash your underwear

If you expect your husband to pamper you to the extent of washing your clothes, you may have to think again. Maybe he can feel kind and wash a top or a dress. But as for underwear? As in, pant and bra: ko le werk. He will see it as your job and even ask to add his own to yours but for him to do yours with his own, he will not.




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