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Epic photos of couples dancing at their wedding

Epic photos of couples dancing at their wedding Couples dancing at their wedding

One of the highlights at every wedding is when the couples have their first dance. It is the first time they will dance as husband and wife so the couple always try to make it memorable. Before it was common to have a slow dance to a romantic song and leave everyone tear eyed but things have changed. These days, couple will find a song that showcases their talents.

They could practice steps and perfect the moves so that when they dance, everyone will be inspired and want to join them on the dance floor. The idea really is to dance so well that you encourage people to spray you with money. And who knows how to do this better than our Nigerian couples?

Here are nine couples whose wedding dances were too hot to handle:

1. When shoki is life

Shoki seems to be the go-to dance when the music drops and this bride was catching the vibe and the husband most likely was about to pass the current to her groom.

 2. When the force of her hips is greater than you can bear

The bride’s dancing here was too much for her groom. He just had to fall back and appreciate all he has.

3. When even leg problems can’t keep you from grinding

The groom here is in crutches for medical reasons but he wasn’t going to let this interfere with his couple dance with his bride. The bride is keeping him steady as well because she knows he may not be able to handle all of this.

4. When the music takes control


The groom is getting ready to bust a serious move but his bride is already in the zone.

5. When both of you are in sync


Usually when the bride is grinding on her groom, he just stands like a log of wood but here, the groom is making the effort too and it is very entertaining.

6. First of all, go down low


Even in traditional attire, couples know how to get down. Here the bride and groom are breaking it down on the dancefloor and  throwing in some impressive steps as others hail them.

7. When the two of you are turn up gurus

If both the bride and groom know how to turn up and make it an off-the-chain reception, then you are in for a lot of fun night. Just be sure you can keep up with their energy.

 8. When the music is too hot to handle

Here the groom is on the floor, resting. Either his wife’s waist made him catch his breath or he is about to surprise the guests by doing the worm or something.

9. When your face says it all

At times it’s not just your body alone that is feeling the music. Your face can scrunch up and this just shows that you are about to bust a killer move.



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