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Nigeria's Senate Passes Bill Banning Gay Marriage

Same-sex marriage in Nigeria

Same-sex marriage in Nigeria

The Nigerian senate voted to ban same-sex marriage. This is a classic case of  a nation not setting the right priority for itself. I'm no advocate for man-lover marriage, I'm
an advocate for let-each-man-live-his-life-as-he-pleases-so-long-as-he-does-not-get-in-your-way.
There are dozens of other ills these "geniuses" in the senate should be exerting more energy to solving . Ills  like rampant corruption,  nepotism, hired-assassination,unemployment,poverty, and so on,
I am the only straight Nigerian male that im aware of who feels the way that I feel on the issue of man-lover marriage. Many, with whom I've spoken believe that it is a sin for two individual of the same sex to live together as couple, well it may well be a sin but so is  the use of legislative power by politicians for private gains(corruption). One of the greatest sin any man can commit againt another is to deny him or her a basic,reasonable, dignified existence. Is it not the bible that says "Thou Shalt Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself"? Many Nigerians can hardly afford a meal a day while wealthy few are able to shell out $2 million for a child's wedding. 
So if the senate wants to ban man-lover marriage, fine! Let  them also outlaw all the other ills especially the one that affect all Nigerians, corruption.
Ẹ má jẹkí afi ẹ̀tẹ́ sílẹ̀ k'awá pa làpálàpá

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